What is Aura?

We often hear the word “aura”. For example, blue aura for “wistful”, green for “comforting”, pink for “hopeful”, and many more. But maybe you are wondering: what exactly is aura?

In simple terms, aura is a layer of energy that physically envelops all things, both living and dead. Starting from humans, animals, plants, even the gadgets that we are holding now. Aura is like a natural frequency or vibes that radiates and envelops our bodies. Depending on the energy and mood we are experiencing, our aura can also change color.

By knowing what kind of aura is surrounding us, we can also know more deeply what things we should pay attention to in relationships or understand our deeper personal side emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Here are other things you need to know about auras.

Our Aura Consists of 7 Layers

There are seven different layers of our aura that correspond to the seven chakras in the body. These 7 layers are also called subtle bodies. The first layer is called the etheric layer which is the layer closest to the physical body and is associated with physical health, pain, and pleasure. The second layer above it is called the emotional layer and is connected with mood. Next is the mental layer that relates to our thoughts and judgments on the surrounding environment. The fourth layer is the astral layer, which connects the physical and spiritual bodies. Next is the etheric template that represents personality and identity. The sixth body is called the celestial layer associated with the journey of enlightenment. The final layer is called the spiritual or ketheric template and relates to our connection to the spiritual, the universe, or whatever our spiritual beliefs are.

Aura Colors Describe Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

Emotions are much more complex than just black and white. Likewise with our aura, so that our aura rarely only consists of one color, but rather as a combination of colors depending on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health conditions. For example, a red aura represents passion, strength, and ego states such as fear or anger.

The color of our aura also changes according to how we react to our surroundings. For example, if we feel something negative or feel uncomfortable with someone, our aura can shrink because of those thoughts, and the aura of the person we think about can shrink because of the “negative projection” they emit. On the other hand, when you think openly, supportively, and lovingly towards someone, your aura and that person’s aura will shine brightly.

Our Aura Can Help Attract and Manifest What You Want

Since auras are our natural energy frequencies, they can also attract other energies according to the frequency you are experiencing. You may have thought how come you feel so comfortable with certain people? It’s probably because your auras attract each other so well. When our aura feels alive and open, we can attract people with the same positive energy.

In accordance with the law of attraction, what we emit will attract the same energy to us. If our energy is cheerful, we will attract cheerful people too. Vice versa.

We Can See Auras Through Photography

Curious to know what color your aura is? There are various ways to find out your unique frequency, one of which is Kirlian photography which is also called aura photography. This photo technique uses a plasma photoplate and a high-voltage insulator to take a picture of our energy layer. To try this photo, we can look for professional aura photography services, or do our own experiments at home that require an acrylic plate and a high-voltage driver board.

Aura Size Describes Our Emotional State

Our emotions and energy levels will inevitably go down and up which also changes the size of our aura. When we are feeling down or stressed, the color and size of the aura will also reflect those emotions. Our aura can shrink and get closer to the body when it doesn’t feel good or healthy, which can be influenced by the emotions we feel such as sadness, anger, insecurity, doubt, or periods of emotional transition. All the emotions we feel will affect our aura and are stored in this natural energy system.

How to Clean Aura?

The days are not good and make us annoyed, of course sometimes it is unavoidable that our aura can be either dim or too intense. Fortunately, the aura is also easy to change according to our mood and thoughts. No need to look far for “smart people”, we ourselves also have the ability to clean our energy from the negative aura. One way you can try is soaking in the bathtub while installing candles, the scent of your favorite flowers, and healing crystals. While bathing, try to think in your mind that you are also physically cleansing yourself of negative thoughts and energy.

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